• El canto del viento


    The poetry of the performer embraces that of the composer

    "From the first time we listen to this record, we discover a sober and incredibly solid guitarist-singer. The sound is warm, the interpretation is free and authentic. The sound recording, almost without reverb or other superfluous effect, allows us to have the sensation of being in front of the performer. Argentinean Amando Risueño plays the music of the most famous of his spiritual fathers, and proposes a selection of works chosen by the prism of Atahualpa Yupanqui’s book, "El canto del viento" (1965). Chacareras, zambas, milongas, sometimes played on the guitar alone or sung, alternate from the beginning to the end of this recording, without ever bothering the listener.

    We also discover an original interpretation of Fernando So’s famous Study No 5, which Yupanqui particularly liked. For this magnificent third disc, Amando Risueño is in his element, and the poetry of the performer embraces that of the composer from beginning to end."


    Nicolas Lestoquoy
    Classical guitar, no 94, December 2020/ February 2021